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Brief Description:

Self-balancing Robot is a robot that balances a rod that is placed vertically on it. The video gives a brief overview of its working.


Arduino uno, MPU-6050, chassis with motors and wheels.


Working :



  • MPU-6050 sensor mainly comprises of MEMS accelerometer and a MEMS gyro
  • It is a “Six-Axis” MEMS motion tracking device that uses the I2C bus to interface with the Arduino.
  • It consumes very less power.
  • Principle: When the rod that is mounted on the robot starts to fall in one direction, the robot will move at a particular speed and direction.
  • This causes the rod to experience a pseudo force opposite to the direction of the robot thereby balancing the rod.


  • The angle of inclination of the rod was measured using the MPU 6050 and fed to an Arduino Uno.
  • Based on the values from the MPU 6050, the necessary acceleration for the robot was given using PWM signals.
  • This in-turn caused the rod to experience the opposite torque and move back to the original position.

Future updates/ enhancements

  • The stability of the robot can be improved by adding a gearbox at the joint between the rod and the robot.
  • Segway and Ball Robot are application of self-balancing robot.
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