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Build robots from basics.


Build robots from basics.

About Kaizen Robotics Program

Kaizen Robotics Program is a certificate training program aimed at providing students a steep learning curve in the field of Robotics & Embedded Systems. Our program comprises of 40 hours of Intensive Training program along with 4 months of guidance on projects.

Students Trained in Chennai, Coimbatore and Bangalore

Program Highlights


Intensive Training


Built from basics


Project Internship

Intensive Training

It comprises 40 hours of hands-on classroom training conducted as 6 full day classes. In each class one robot will be built from basics by the participants learning the concepts from the trainer and one robot as assignment.

A very elaborate take away kit of components will be provided to a team of 3 students. Participants will learn to work with basic electronics, circuit building, microcontrollers, sensors, actuators, embedded c & arduino programming.

The course will end with a competition to test the ability of the participants to solve real world problems after the training. Winners would get an additional certificate of excellence.

Project Guidance & Internship

Participants will be guided on projects, competitions & hackathons even after the completion of the program for 4 months. This guidance will be provided through our office at IITM Research Park or online. 

You can approach us personally on a weekday evening or can email us any-day for help. Also you will become a member of Lema Community and get access to mentors and events conducted through the community. 

Guidance will be provided to students who are interested in working on projects. On successful completion of projects under our guidance, you will get a letter of appreciation / project internship letter.


Kaizen Robotics Program –  Level 1

  • Basics of Robotics
  • Micro-controllers (AVR ATMEGA 16)
  • Embedded C Programming
  • Line Follower Robot
  • Obstacle Avoidance Robot
  • Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC)
  • Interfacing Analog sensors
  • Light Intensity Based Robots
  • Direction Controlled Robot
  • Arduino Programming
  • UART – Serial Communication & Computer Controlled Robot
  • Bluetooth Controlled Robot
  • Working with Stepper & Servo Motors
  • Cartesian Robots – Handwriting Robot

Who can join?

  • College Students, Graduates, Faculties and Working Professionals.

Upcoming Batches

IIT Madras Research Park, Tharamani.
Stay tuned!

Kaizen Robotics Program – Level 2

  • Manually Controlled Robot & Arm
  • Gesture Controlled Pick and Place Robot
  • Wireless Communication
  • MEMS Acelerometer
  • Computer Controlled Robot
  • Serial Communication
  • Maze Solving Robot
  • Shortest Path Algorithm
    • Add-On Class:
    • LED & 7 Segment Display
    • Relays, Servo & Stepper Motors
    • Analog Sensors – LDR, Humidity, Soil Mositure
    • Ultrasonic Sensor, GSM & GPS

    Who can join?

    • Only those who have completed level 1 of Kaizen Robotics Program are eligible to join.

    Upcoming Batches

    IIT Madras Research Park, Tharamani.
    Stay tuned! 

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