Why Robotics?

Movies like Iron Man, Pacific Rim, I robot, Transformers etc.… have impacted the lives of our children. The impact is so great that they are generally surround themselves with the action figures and pictures of these characters on the bags, water bottles, beds and even clothes and so on.

Such fascinating characters from the movies eventually create an interest and a mystery in the minds of our children which they eventually want to demystify.

Kaizen Robotics School Program is a basic platform for kids to get introduced into the field of robotics and its marvel’s.

Here are few reasons for a kid to try out the kaizen robotics school program:

1.It’s Fun

Every day the kid builds one robot during the class and another robot at home for homework. The building of the robot is a process of massive fun and the joy on the kids face when the robot work at the end of the day is incomparable. Also small games will be played by the kids with their robots and GAMES are always fun.

2.It incorporates Teamwork

Robots generally are built with a team effort. The kaizen robotics school program puts the kids in teams of kids with same age and interests. Alongside building robots together it also helps kids to learn teamwork and to have each other’s back, to share, to socialize.

3.It develops skills:

Robotics is not just about building robots that are taught in the class. At the end of the day the kids are asked to make modification to the robot that they built in the class. This helps the kids to not just learn but also to reach deep into their inner minds and solve the problem statements placed before them. Along with the mad skills of problem solving, the creativity of the kids also pop up

4.It’s Hands-On:

The regular school must have exhausted the kids from just listening and learning and writing tests. The kaizen robotics School Program is a hands-on approach to learning where the kids can enjoy their summer by getting their hands dirty with robotics. By the end of the program the competition provides a platform for the students to solve a problem statement given to them and they must solve it fully HANDS-ON.

5.It shows them the future

The program gives them a complete introduction to electronics and a little bit of mechanics. After having done the program kids get a clear cut idea on whether they would love to pursue more of robotics or electronics or mechanical or some other stream that fascinates them.

Kaizen Robotics Program

Our Summer Crash Course on robotics starts from May 8th @ IIT Madras Research Park. Classes will happen for 6 days where students learn and build 10 robots from scratch.

To know more about the program and to register for it CLICK HERE

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