Kaizen Robotics Program

Kaizen Robotics Program is a certificate program which serves as a platform for tech enthusiasts to get started in Robotics and Embedded Systems. Trained over 4000+ students so far, this program has been rated a 4.5 out of 5 by our students.

Kaizen Technology Program

Created exclusively for students between 7th to 12th std.  Kaizen Technology Program is exclusively for school students which aims at teaching students from basics of Electronics & Programming to latest emerging technologies with a very strong and fun hands-on experience by building Robots.

Internet of Things Workshop

A 2-Day workshop aimed at teaching you what exactly IoT means and how you can use it to enable physical objects such as vehicles, buildings and other devices to get the ability to sense and communicate with sensors, electronics, software and network connectivity.


Make-a-Thon serves as a platform for individuals to try out new ideas and collaborate with other people in a fun environment to create real-time solutions.

Robotics, Embedded systems, Computer Vision and Machine learning are changing your world as you read this


We are striving to build an ecosystem for emerging technologies by providing support to stakeholders which include student community, educational institutions, and the industry.

Training Programs

Our certificate programs provide participants with a steep learning curve in emerging technologies such as Robotics, Embedded Systems, IoT, Machine Learning etc.

Who we are

Lema Labs is a company founded by IIT Alumni under the guidance of faculty members of IIT Madras.

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  • Learn to build robots
  • Excel at your project in Engineering
  • Having something exciting to talk in your job interview
  • Feel like an engineer